The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Dwarven Insanity


The Project:

Dwarven Insanity adapts on the FPS games of old, “Quake” and “Unreal Tournament”, that accrued a huge community of players, and even still are thought of by many PC gamers as the pinnacle of first person shooters. Dwarven Insanity has an incredibly fast, fluid movement system, combined with projectile-based weapons, which bring in an intuitive but truly skill-based experience. All this, based in an entirely destructible environment, much like the terrain of “Worms”, which gives players a completely unique way of taking on the enemy, blowing huge holes in the terrain, setting traps and blowing the ground from the opponent’s feet. Combined with massive jumps, teleporting, and each Dwarf having a powerful jetpack, the gameplay potential for this game is new and varied. A multiplayer game like this is dependant on it’s community, and so a map editor will be combined, in order to give players the chance to create levels they desire. Dwarven Insanity will have a free-to-play model, with in-game purchases of weapon unlocks and skins, but with a focus to make sure there is no pay-to-win potential.

The Team:

A one-man team, made up of me, Chris Tacey-Green, a 20 year old Computer Science student from Manchester University. I’ve had a large amount of experience already with a range of programming languages, 3D modelling, and character animation. This is my passion, I started producing Dwarven Insanity over 6 months ago, dedicating any, and all, time I have available to making this game in Unity 3D. Funds are obviously an issue, being a student I have very little money available for the game, and so marketing and generally getting the game publicised is tough. Booths at gaming conventions, advertising, and web hosting would be required in order to get the right community to see the potential of this game. The Indie Dev Grant would help hugely in pushing this game to completion, and helping it become exactly what the community want.

The Video:

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