The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Goblin Quest – Escape!


The Project:

Goblin Quest: Escape! is a dungeon crawler and reverse tower defense game, designed to please both casual and serious gamers. You control Mook, a goblin that has to find a way out of dungeons while avoiding traps and towers, collecting loot and sometimes completing other objectives. You cannot attack enemies directly but you have abilities and items to help you.

There are both equipable / usable items and pieces of clothing you can obtain. The items provide passive buffs and active abilities, the outfits provide passive buffs that affect you as long as you have them equipped. Item and outfit combinations allow for dozens of different strategies on each map.

Our primary release target is mobile, but if we have enough resources we may release a PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) version of the game that’s designed to be a standalone DRM-free experience. Of course our dream would be to also release it on mainstream consoles (last- and current-gen), but I feel that is a bit out of our reach. Oh, and an OUYA version is going to be shipped as well, some time after the mobile versions.

The Team:

Our core team consists of two people. Daniel Kalmar is the lead programmer, Máté Veres is the lead designer and 2D artist. This is the first indie game for either of us. Daniel is a programmer by trade and has some professional game industry experience in mobile development. Máté has worked as a 2D artist for years, mostly doing licensed and outsourced art for other games.

The Video:

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