The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Hyper Gauntlet: Legacy of Nozzlethruster III


The Project:

Hyper Gauntlet: The Legacy of Nozzlethruster III is a manic-paced arcade first person infinite runner influenced by Super Hexagon, BIT.TRIP Runner, Wipeout and Temple Run. Players control an invisible force in an abstract and minimalist arena, constantly hurtling forwards through gaps between blue and red obstacles. As obstacles are passed and the score increases, the player runs faster and faster. To help them in their never-ending race, the player can slow down time for a few seconds to dodge through a particularly tricky section or pick up power ups to alter the flow of the game. Hyper Gauntlet you for making split-second decisions and never taking the easy way out. It is currently in Late Alpha stages, and will soon be entering a paid Beta.

The Team:

Nicholas Udell is a hobbyist British independent game developer who has been making games for his whole life – but only officially for the last couple of years. Nick has entered multiple game jams (Bacon Game Jam #5, The Arbitrary Gamejam #1 (winner),#2,#3) with games such as Fuse-Breaker, Hairball, Bohemian Political Upheaval Simulator 1618 and Leukocyte Disaster, respectively. Nick is now working on Hyper Gauntlet, a larger project that he aims to sell.

The Video:

The Demo:

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