The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Kraden’s Crypt


The Project:

You’ve been the last to be banished and sealed into the Kraden’s Crypt. You must make your way into the very depths where Kraden himself resides, but many dangers await! Fight alone or with your friends using the physics based combat system. Control every hurl of your spell, every swing of your weapon or every pluck of your bow. Mix and match equipment and weapons to determine your class and play style. Fight Epic bosses, hordes of enemies and why not celebrate your victories in the tavern rooms with a few friendly crypt creatures? Meet many crypt dwellers who tell their tales and encounters within the crypt. Never play the same game twice with our randomly generated dungeon layout that can catch you off guard through any given door!

The Team:

Sam and Peter foster (artists), have been practicing art and animation from a young age. They have always yearned to make a game that reflected the joys of their gaming childhood.

Ian Hern (programmer), has been playing, designing, and building video games for many years. He has completed a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Video games are his passion and he is working towards becoming a full time indie game developer.

Brett Coop (composer), took much interest in the game at very early stage, we found his music exciting and helped breathe life into the game.

The Video:

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