The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Monkey Land 3D


The Project:

Based on the characters from the original, you play as Mugen the orange monkey pirate who explores new worlds looking for treasure. In this game you will be exploring huge ice caves, frozen tundras and see lots and lots of dinosaurs! You collect bananas, try to find hidden keys and open Dead Man’s Chest’s to acquire high scores and unlock new worlds! The game play is 3D platforming with spin attack action. Basically your jump is also your attack and you can find all sorts of weapons to equip as well as helmets and armors.

The Team:

I am a one man army and I might outsource music but on the original I made all the music too! I live in Seattle WA and love the pacific north west. Lived here my entire life and have studied and graduated from TWO game design schools. I hope to continue making mobile games and eventually make an amazing 3D plat-former for the next gen systems using Unreal 4 technology.

The Video: (previous project)

The Link: (previous project)