The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Quarries of Scred


The Project:

Quarries of Scred is an arcade style game that I have developed over the last fortnight. From a simplistic game style, I’ve added elements like a Daily seed for map generation to help encourage Lets Play folk to take advantage of the game. The game is harsh, but ultimately fair as it squashes novice and experienced gamer alike beneath falling stones.

The Team:

Quarries of Scred is currently a solo venture – I am considering using the considerable talents of artist @jaytherobot, but currently the art is very simplistic. I (@darkestkale) am an unemployed Robotics Engineer who previously designed fuelling equipment & industrial labelling machines. I’m throwing up some quick games to both test the waters and keep morale up while I search for a new job.

The Demo:

The Link: