The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Rune Lords


The Project:

Rune Lords is a collectible card game but with a gameplay twist , you have to draw runes on screen, custom gestures, to activate the card’s skill. Each player should choose from over 60 cards , divided among six element and build a team of five cards, with a maximum of one card per element.

What makes Rune Lords really stand out, is that you actually have to do something during your match, victory is not just one click away. You need strategical thinking to prepare a good card setup and the ability to use the right skills and as many of them as you’re able in the ten seconds allowed to draw the runes.

The game will feature both a single player, where you will be able to collect cards, currency and items, and a live PvP arena with a monthly reward for all players. The nostalgic and beautiful pixel art set up for a unique experience engaging older and new players from all over the globe.

The Team:

Dragon Slayer Studio is a small indie team founded in the early 2013 , by 3 italian game devs : Fabio Cadario , Johnny Picciafuochi and Simone Verde. Shortly after Manon Dreijer from Netherland joined the team helping out as a pixel artist. Marc Greenwood lately joined us, taking care of music and sounds. We are a bunch of busy people trying to get a name in the mobile game industry in our spare time , developing game for everyone to enjoy.

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