The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Signal To Noise


The Project:

Signal to Noise is the music-driven rail shooter. This a game that will allow you to play your music as it’s never been played before. Select any song from your personal library, and the game will generate gameplay in realtime based off of the music of your choice. As intense as you want it, Signal to Noise is heavily inspired by games like Tempest, Starfox, and Rez, and will give you an experience based around those “moments” that remind you why you play video games.

The Team:

I founded Solanimus in 2011, on a foundation of a few months of self-teaching in game development. I released my first game in 2012, and my second game in mid 2013. We’ve been working on Signal to Noise for a few months now and are working on some other software projects alongside the game to get money (it’s all been funded so far with my money from classic game reselling) to keep going. We’re now a team of just a few people: Me (David, full-time, programming, design, business), Paul (part-time, working another full-time job to support himself), Daniel (part-time, intern), and John (part-time/contract work, graphic artist) trying as hard as we can with what we have.

The Video:

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