The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box



The Project:

Specter is an action-platformer that borrows a lot of our favorite tried-yet-true mechanics from the genre and meshes them, all while adding some new concepts to the mix.
Follow Harold, a slightly arrogant, but endearing lord, on his journey to reclaim his tower and relearn his skills. Beat challenging, beautifully handcrafted levels. Use your abilities for platforming and combat. Solve puzzles on the fly while narrowly escaping the rising lava.
Specter’s combat system forces you to think before you leap into the next horde of enemies. What’s the best combination of abilities to use in that specific situation? In what order should you kill your adversaries to be the most efficient? Those are the kind of decisions we want to encourage!

The Team:

Blair and I got to know each other during a game project which started on After half a year of hard work the team of about eight drifted apart, but we stayed in touch. A few month later we found each other on a team again, but again most the team lost interest in the project. After that Blair and I decided to just start something on our own. Two days later we had a working prototype of Specter. It was fun, we decided to keep working on it and ZZep games was born!

The Video:

The Link: