The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Chad Lavallee’s Gremlin Kickball


The Project:

One man team making a 2D Platforming physics game for one friend Chad Lavallee for 50 dollars. Control Beteljuce and Rygal as they leave Flatland for the first time, venturing deep into the Genesis Device to protect the Cell, and move it to the Portal. Each level nesting deeper and deeper into the Genesis Device uncovering story elements and unique gameplay challenges.

The Team:

I’m using Game Maker Studio and the game is 2 player w xbox controllers. For art im using Flash, Aseprite, Hexel Studios. For sound, Reason.

The Video:

Cube Drop


The Project:

The game is a simple 3D isometric puzzle game where you must go from point A to point B.  The interesting part of the game comes in the form of a new game mechanic I call “relative gravity” which is really only understood after playing a few levels.  The game has a great start and every level introduces a new feature/obstacle that the player must get through.  The game is in its early prototype stages with a few playable levels.  The grant would help in getting an artist on the team and would give me more of a chance to put in more levels/obstacles/props and more!  Multi-player support for levels that require two people to finish, stunning audio/visual effects, a soundtrack, and more to come with the help of Bundle in a Box.

The Team:

The team consists of me, myself and I.  I am looking to hire an artist and grab another programmer.  With a team of three and a bit of funding, the game could really grow into something amazing.

The link:


Minionworks Games are a small basement operation in Victoria, BC (Canada). They have been working full-time for just over a year now on their headliner game, Karst. It’s a first-person physics puzzle game, with a survival-game ambiance and unique graphics.

Here’s what they are saying: “We really love what we’re doing, and will keep making games we think you’ll love for as long as we can; but we could use your help. For more information on us and our games, check out our site“.