The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box
Deep Space

The Thought Saved for Last


Who are you ?

My name is Igor Hardy. I run A Hardy Developer’s Journal ( – which, surprisingly, may be the only blog around devoted specifically to funky indie adventure games. I’ve also written, co-designed and co-painted the surreal, grotesque alcohol trip murder suspense mystery adventure game Snakes of Avalon ( that you may or may have not heard about. Have a look at it, if you haven’t – it’s free.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

A new game of mine! Since Snakes of Avalon’s release I’ve been working on building innovative point & click adventure game interfaces that harken back to interactive fiction (but not the typing part!), while offering new ways of insight into the main characters’ minds. The first of the games I’m building is going to be called The Thought Saved for Last. It puts you in the middle of a Twilight Zone like situation.

A nameless, faceless man arrives at a strange bus stop late at night, his bus running off just before he comes. He’s going back from work and his head is filled with thoughts that connect into more and less sensible stories. But something starts to happen around the man and inside him as well. Slowly, little by little his mind starts to shrink – literally rot away…. You – the player, take control of the man in a desperate attempt to get out of there in time to save himself. However, you control him through the thoughts in his shrinking mind, in a game that combines elements of adventure game, turn-based board game, interactive fiction and even some aspects of a roguelike. The single thought you choose to keep safe in his/your head until the very end (you keep having less and less space to keep them) will decide the character’s ultimate fate, and multiple plays will be required to discover all the endings, all of the mysteries of the setting as well as to learn if and how it all connects to the strange character himself.
What could I use the Indie Dev Grant for? A lot actually. Currently I’m working on the game only after work as a hobbyist. The core of it is mostly done and coded, except for a number of additional paths and a few layers of writing polish. But the graphics are still at an early stage and take a lot of time to create. I’ve trained myself to create hand-drawn background art and animations that I feel truly serve the game’s unusual atmosphere, but I’d love to hire someone to help me with miscellaneous art and any secondary work that will make the project progress faster and look better. And there’s the crucial issue of producing sounds and music that really make the ambiance. Those aspects will be taken care of by Thomas Regin with whom I previously worked on Snakes (you may recognize him also as a composer for many Wadjet Eye adventure games). But it’s a huge job and funding would help here immensely. Finally, while it won’t be a talky game, we’ll need some good quality voice-overs.
In general the better the project is funded (if it is funded at all), the more it is certain that its potential will be fulfilled. And like I mentioned at the beginning, I have some really cool plans about where to go from this game, so finishing this properly is an important step that will lead to many more projects.



Who are you ?

Name: Robb Sherwin
Company: Caltrops Magic Video Game Company
Previous Games: I am a one-man operation that has released a number of text adventures and graphical text adventures. Some of my notable games include Cryptozookeeper, Necrotic Drift, Chicks Dig Jerks and Fallacy of Dawn.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

I am currently working on a text game / CRPG hybrid called Cyberganked. My goal is to leverage a text parser with some standard CRPG gameplay like we saw with The Bard’s Tale and Wasteland. At the same time, my goal is to have the game feature really funny writing that is just as gripping and interesting as shooting opponents in the face with pistols.

There are two aspects of this project that would benefit with external funding. The first is that I want to be able to hire experienced actors, actresses and musicians and pay them for their work. Much of the art and music in my previous games came about due to the generosity of my friends and the magic of Creative Commons. Secondly, I want to hire external beta testing teams — one of the main criticisms of my work is that they are not as bug-free as they could be. After running Cyberganked through everyone I know, I’d really like to be able to hire professional testers to help identify remaining bugs.


Who are you ? 

My name is Ciaran Harrigan.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

Tempus. The game has currently been in development for 2 months and is starting to shape up nice. At the moment its just me working on the game in all of my spare time.


Who are you ? 

Hi! I’m Dirkson. I’m working on a space game and trying to stay not-homeless. It turns out to be very tricky to do both at once! I promise, as your benevolent dictator- Wait, we’re not voting on dictatorships? Well, shucks. I suppose I’d better tell you about my game then!

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

I’m trying to make the most accurate space combat game. Ever.

So far it’s got voxels, heat simulation, kilometer long spaceships, real world materials, organic ships, and awesome music. Eventually, it’s going to have AI crew, multiplayer, inertia, planets, and more.

Want to build a granite mothership with dozens of fighters? You can do that.

A spinning battleship with a three meter thick titanium hull? Sure, that too.

A butter asteroid-tug than melts whenever you turn on the engines? Of course!

Even if you don’t vote for it, please check the game out over at!



Who are you ?

I’m a poor guy who lives in a trailer with his wife and two kids. I’m a self taught programmer / designer who’s made his own games in that past and worked as a designer and lead tester at the 3DO Company.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

Plethora 2012 Disclosure is an old-school, brutal side-scrolling shooter with unique mouse aimed secondary weapons. The only real feedback I have gotten so far is that the graphics suck. I would use the money to hire someone to redo the backgrounds and some of the sprites, depending on how much the grant could pay for. In its current state, the game has to be played to see how fun it is. People can’t seem to get past the cover to read the book :( Info on the game including screenshots, video, and a playable demo can be found here:

Dying to Live

Who are you ?

Hi, I’m Jake Birkett and I’d like to apply for the Indie Dev Grant for my game Dying To Live.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

Dying to Live is as puzzle platformer in which you have to kill the player character in order to progress through the levels. It’s written in Monkey so can be built as Flash, HTML5, PC/Mac executable or mobile app! I started this game at the Full Indie game jam in Vancouver in summer 2012 and since then I’ve moved my family back to the UK from Canada which has left me very skint. Anyway, I really want to spend some more time on the game to add in more features (water, fireballs, enemies, doors, buttons etc.) and a whole bunch of levels. Then I want to put it on some Flash portals and maybe even get some sponsorship for it. If things go well I can make an expanded version for multiple platforms or use the platform engine for another game. Getting the Indie Dev Grant would really help me to achieve this goal.

Tweet Galaxy

Who are you ?

My name is JP and I am a relatively unknown indie game developer in Toronto, Canada. My ‘company’ is – I put it in quotes because it’s barely an official registered company with no profit margin to speak of. I make freeware games, mostly, and I teach part-time at a college to help keep the lights on at my home.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

The game I’d like the IDG’s financial backing for is Tweet Galaxy. What is Tweet Galaxy? I’m glad you asked! Tweet Galaxy is a Shmup which pulls friends and enemies from Twitter and keeps track of top performers on a server-side leaderboard. Those tweeps who lead the high scores will appear as very strong AI bosses. If you can defeat them, you will take their place on the leaderboard and become the next feared power in the Twitterverse. The game is coded in HTML5/JavaScript and will be freeware.


Who are you ?

We are three painfully self-aware Americans working in Montreal’s game industry, saddled with absurd amounts of debt from earning degrees in Game Development.

The band has been game jamming together for over 3 years and we have meshed our skills into a well-oiled game design machine. Our names aren’t as important as our goal: to ferment the growing indie revolution in whatever way we can.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

Blinkman was the band’s senior year project and we poured our souls into the game for 7 months.  In the end we had a vertical slice of a dystopian world run by a benevolent sociopathic AI. The player travels the AI’s booby-trapped machine world using a short range teleport. This is a platformer with no weapons, no attack, and few enemies. You are a rat in a machine maze.

While Blinkman remains a student project with some rough edges in its execution, we have continued to grow exceptionally as designers. We found ourselves with a prototype practically sparking with potential – we  want the chance to catch that lightning in a bottle before it burns out.



Who are you ?

We are Loft Games, a small UK based indie studio made up of 4 young people, each working on induvidual projects. We are primarily known for our RPGs and platformers but are interested in expanding. We may be young but we have been producing interactive software for over two decades when you combine our experience and we believe our fresh, new ideas could genuinely bring indie gaming to a new era, just as titles like Castle Crashers, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft have before.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

We plan to use the money to complete our unfinished FPS, RubyFire. RubyFire is an FPS which, hopefully, will make you think less of annual console series and more of genuine classics. Due to budget constraints, we have been keeping RubyFire in a dormant state for a few months now but are keen to get back on track with an aim of a release in Q3 2013.

While this is our first foray into the market of indie FPS, we hope that with your help and assitence, we can create an interactive experience with diverse gameplay as well as a strong plot, something we are taking very seriously, to the point that we plan on employing some of our more literally competent friends to create a diverse plot without holding back the progression of the gameplay. We plan to include open world sections, as well as closed levels and, should we be given sufficient funds, multiplayer segments, hosted on Loft servers.

We believe that RubyFire is perhaps one of the best games you could possibly support and you know your money will be going somewhere good. Instead of wasting money on expensive and pointless equipment, we plan to keep relatively low budget while still producing a great game.

What would happen to any excess money though? The fairest thing possible of course, it will be reinvested in future BiaB Indie Dev Grants.
Thank you for your time and I truly hope you consider Loft Games worthy of the Indie Dev Grant.



Who are you ?

Hi, I’m Marian Frae. I am a storyteller by nature and by trade. I’ve been writing and publishing stories online for about six years now. In November of 2006, I started work on a story that grew into a game over the next two years. Because I want to do my story justice and make the best game possible, the development road has been long, but a complex game cannot be done alone. I’ve called on the help of Brent Anderson, MetalRenard, Ricky Harris, and Sharon Halim.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

Magin is a character-centric RPG with tactical elements, made for the PC and Mac (Linux as well should resources allow). Like in life, there are many choices you can make which directly impact gameplay in large ways–civilizations could be saved or new technologies invented–but there are also some things which are completely out of your control–natural disasters, antagonists causing trouble, illness. Because some things can be changed and others can’t, the game will have a few possible endings. Explorable sidequests and character stories will change between each play-through because of your choices.

If you’re intrigued by this teaser, find out more about the beautiful world of Magin and its mystical lore on our website (