The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box

Brutal Nature


The Project:

Brutal Nature is a free to play multiplayer survival game where anything can be created and destroyed. You are stranded on an island but you are not alone. Form a group with others to improve your chances of survival but beware not everyone will be friendly!
Life in Brutal Nature is about survival by gathering resources for crafting, building structures, hunting and being hunted.

The Landscape is a smooth voxel terrain that you can mine for resources, make caves, destroy with weapons, blow up with explosives and place to build structures up to thousands of feet in any direction. Build towers miles tall and mine far into the depths of the earth with our easy to use terrain editing controls.

Realism will be strived for but not allowed to stand in the way of fun. Game play will be tunable from highly realistic to arcade style fun by an easy to use modding system.

The Team:

Brutal Nature is the full time project of one man, Black Moons. When he is not programming he is researching weapons, chemistry and metallurgy to further improve the realism and complexity of the game or watching lets play videos of other games to see what people like and dislike about them. Inspired by dwarf fortress, Black Moon wants to make a game of similar complexity but more accessible.

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The Dark Age of Wythia


The Project:

DAoW is an online text-based MMORPG. The game was originally opened in early 2002, but has since go back into an alpha/beta phase due to some major coding issue with the updates in coding languages. There have been 5 previous “Generations” of the game (like expansion in other games). Currently I am developing Generation 6, updating the layout, user interface, adding in new features like crafting, a new quest system, a 2d (text based) world, and the ability to join together and go to war with other clans. This is a story driven game with a very in depth story line that is fun and ever changing depending on how things happen within the game itself. It is a player driven story, totally unscripted and ever changing.

The Team:

My name is David Good, I am 26 years old and I have been working on Wythia since my freshman year of college (back in 2006). I was in the military, and have recently left the service. I have been coding since high school and have taught myself almost everything I know. I have some amazing ideas, and concepts that I want to bring into the world, and I feel an ignored area in the gaming world is the basic text based game. They allow for a different type of play style, more imagination, creativity, and you can play it anywhere, on any device, it is compatible with anything that has a web browser!

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Tides Of Glory


The Project:

‘Tides Of Glory’ is an action based MMO for mobile platforms; with fast paced, real time combat; and a detailed immersive world. Players will need their reflexes to survive, but their wits to flourish as they play the economy and rise to power. Customisable content will be at the heart of my game’s business model. Items that affect abilities in game will only be attainable with in game currency – preventing large wallets from conquering the world. The game will feature offline play as well as online play, catering to the unreliable nature of mobile internet.

The Team:

Tides Of Glory has been my life for the last couple of years, and a large chunk of it has been completed– it just needs a little bit more work to get it up to a standard I can be truly proud of. Its biggest weakness at the moment is art assets.

I started programming professionally at Blade Interactive Studios in 2006. A year later I was made Head of Mobile and we released some of the best 2D and 3D pool and snooker games on the market. I was particularly proud of WCP2010 3D where we were allowed to really push the boat out in terms of graphics, making some of the shiniest balls ever seen on mobile at the time (there is a joke in there somewhere).

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