The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box
Text Based

The Dark Age of Wythia


The Project:

DAoW is an online text-based MMORPG. The game was originally opened in early 2002, but has since go back into an alpha/beta phase due to some major coding issue with the updates in coding languages. There have been 5 previous “Generations” of the game (like expansion in other games). Currently I am developing Generation 6, updating the layout, user interface, adding in new features like crafting, a new quest system, a 2d (text based) world, and the ability to join together and go to war with other clans. This is a story driven game with a very in depth story line that is fun and ever changing depending on how things happen within the game itself. It is a player driven story, totally unscripted and ever changing.

The Team:

My name is David Good, I am 26 years old and I have been working on Wythia since my freshman year of college (back in 2006). I was in the military, and have recently left the service. I have been coding since high school and have taught myself almost everything I know. I have some amazing ideas, and concepts that I want to bring into the world, and I feel an ignored area in the gaming world is the basic text based game. They allow for a different type of play style, more imagination, creativity, and you can play it anywhere, on any device, it is compatible with anything that has a web browser!

The Link:



Who are you ?

Name: Robb Sherwin
Company: Caltrops Magic Video Game Company
Previous Games: I am a one-man operation that has released a number of text adventures and graphical text adventures. Some of my notable games include Cryptozookeeper, Necrotic Drift, Chicks Dig Jerks and Fallacy of Dawn.

What project will the Indie Dev Grant be helping you complete?

I am currently working on a text game / CRPG hybrid called Cyberganked. My goal is to leverage a text parser with some standard CRPG gameplay like we saw with The Bard’s Tale and Wasteland. At the same time, my goal is to have the game feature really funny writing that is just as gripping and interesting as shooting opponents in the face with pistols.

There are two aspects of this project that would benefit with external funding. The first is that I want to be able to hire experienced actors, actresses and musicians and pay them for their work. Much of the art and music in my previous games came about due to the generosity of my friends and the magic of Creative Commons. Secondly, I want to hire external beta testing teams — one of the main criticisms of my work is that they are not as bug-free as they could be. After running Cyberganked through everyone I know, I’d really like to be able to hire professional testers to help identify remaining bugs.