The Indie Dev Grant

by Bundle In A Box


CoOpThe Project:

R3D is activated in what appears to be a recycling facility. He is subjected to some functionality tests under the surveillance of drones. While acting accordingly to their programming, his receptors connect with BLU3’s, another robot that seems to share R3D’s unwilling fate. Together, they must cooperate to overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from the true intentions of their captors. As they try to recode and process their purpose in this laboratory, many truths shall be unveiled…

CO-OP is a side-scroller game that takes place in an industrial and mechanical environment. Although it is a platform game, the scenery is constructed using only 3D objects. It combines cooperative and simultaneous puzzle solving, which is achieved through the main implemented mechanic: the swap.

The main focus of CO-OP resides in the many levels of interaction. Players will be facing puzzles that require cooperative work between the characters, within their environment and a combination of both.

The Team:

Pixelz is a small computer graphics / game studio based in Montreal. Our main focus is on making games but we also specialize and perform in most computer graphics fields such as architectural design, advertising, photography, image editing and many other CG aspects.

The Video:

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The Project:

Our game is at the moment only a prototype. But as you can see our goal is already clear. SchMaus is fast-paced and funny. You will allways have time to play one or two rounds!

– It’s future is looking bright

You can only play alone at the moment, but later you can play with two or more friends and dash through the levels.
And it’s even better! You can choose from multiple playable character in the final game.
A chick and a hamster are also awaiting you when the game is finished!
There will also be a pigeon, which will be a loyal ally to you. ready to fight the cat!

If you’re too slow the cat will catch you,and you will have to duel her.
Be careful, you’re not the only animal with allys.
If you manage to escape,you should better hurry,because the cat is on the hunt.
Don’t think the cat will surrender!

The game also supports gamepads.

We declare war to the cat!

The Team:

Pixeltastic is a humble independent game development studio based in germany. We started our mission in April 2013 with one talented artist and one talented coder who already worked in the industry before. In Juli 2013 we finished the prototype of our first game SchMaus. At the moment we are building a much better and bigger “SchMaus” featuring a brand new engine and awesome new features. SchMaus will be the first commercial game released by Pixeltastic.

The Playable Version:

The Link:

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